Sometimes you just feel like chillin’ out and kicking back; laying back and letting the world pass you by. Whether it’s at home in the garden, at your favourite coffee shop with an espresso and a newspaper, or just out for a stroll in the sunshine.

You want to look relaxed, yet elegant and still well put together.  Here’s a quick guide to some simple looks, which are comfortable, considered and require very little effort.


First things first. Colours. If you are a fan and member of Club 826, then this is an easy one for you. The last thing you need to face on a lazy Sunday morning is a barrage of super, colourful clothes and various patterns – none of which you are sure go together. We believe an easy way to negotiate a wardrobe is to make sure it is filled with a collection of separates in subtle hues that all work well together – one less decision to be made before the caffeine’s kicked in.  


A really super-easy look for the luxe lounge lizard involves throwing a casual linen shirt over a simple t-shirt and popping on a pair of linen shorts.

The t-shirt can be tucked in or worn outside the shirt, and shorts are kept where they should be by a fabric woven belt.

Leave the shirt undone and the sleeves rolled up for a super-relaxed look and feel. The shirt adds an extra layer if a slight chill is in the air and, if you are carrying a little extra weight around your middle, then pop a loose shirt over your t-shirt to help cover up any unwanted bulges. The Effortless Voyage Pack – From the Marina to the Michelin-star restaurant, our luxe-linen shirt pack is the epitome of relaxed summer style.


The Club 826 Antigua Linen Shirt.


It doesn’t get much simpler than shorts and a t-shirt! You still want to look considered and stylish with this combination, so best to ditch the comedy slogan t-shirts and stick to plain, block colours and classic stripes. T-shirts can get a lot of use, so it’s worth buying the best quality that you can. We always use 100% Cotton Pima for the Club 826 Collection T-shirts. The Club 826 Laid-back Voyage – Keep your cool from the beach to the bar with our edited pack of linen and pima cotton t-shirts.


If you haven’t heard of Pima cotton, you should make it part of your fashion vocabulary now. Made up of longer fibres, it is an ultra-soft fabric, which not only feels amazing, but  keeps its shape and colour far better than regular cotton. So, wash after wash, season after season, it will stay in shape, keep its colour and keep you looking good. Always a good thing.

The Club 826 Laid -back Voyage luxury T-shirts

Linen knit t-shirts are an alternative to Pima Cotton and are a firm favourite at Club 826. As one of our clients once said: “Linen knit is to t-shirts what Cashmere is to wool”. Linen isn’t a fabric you would normally associate with a t-shirt, but once you have worn one, there is no going back. Woven in Italy, the fabric is perfectly soft on the skin and so light that it almost feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. It’s perfect for humid climates and looks effortlessly elegant.

Don’t be terrible logo t-shirt guy; be cool, sexy chilled guy!


If trousers are required, then you can’t go far wrong with a classic pair of lightweight, summer chinos – a design classic which lends itself beautifully to so many occasions. Chinos are the easiest trouser to dress up or down, but if lounging and chilling out is on the menu, then pop on a t-shirt or polo shirt and relax. Job done.

So many brands have these trousers as a basic design in their collections – Club 826 included. We have designed ours in a versatile stone/grey, which works well with pretty much everything. Chinos can be found in myriad colours, so you may want to invest in several colours. All we ask is this: if they are looking tired, washed out or have faded in the wash (or, if you’re lucky, sunshine!) then time to invest in a new fresh pair. You’re aiming for a stylish, casual look, not sloppy Joe J

The Club 826 Casablanca Chino in Stone Grey

Now that we have that sorted, all you need to do is relax, have fun and enjoy life.

Stay stylish!