Conquer the colour wheel with one of these classic pairings.

You’ve probably been told at some point that the key to mastering the colour wheel is picking shades opposite each other. Who even knows in the middle of a busy department store on a Saturday afternoon, when your searching for clothes, what the colour wheel even looks like? Forget it, we  look to Mother Nature who produces the  finest colour combinations there is. And let’s face it, only Santa Claus and his elves can pull off red and green.

1 Grey & Caramel…actually grey and everything!

Pay little heed to anyone who says that grey is boring. The lighter tone is far easier to wear as a base colour than most and sits  spectacularly comfortably with most shades. Darker tones are less severe that a straight black. At Club 826 we love, love, love all shades of grey. Flexible, elegant, versatile and sits so well against a multitude of colours.

Our  favourite being a very elegant grey and caramel mix. Soft, elegant, oh so Italian and just a little unusual, it will certainly turn heads for all the right reasons.

While black provides a solid base, grey pieces can lift a look to memorability without taking a risk. Sit this alongside caramel pieces which are often either woolen or textured, which can add further depth to your outfit.

The Club 826 summer grey’s

2 Navy & Burgundy

Since nobody wants to look like a fresh bruise, blue and purple together is usually off-limits. Yet, for a risk-free alternative, swap the bright primary school shades for a deeper navy and burgundy combination.

The richness of burgundy and an inky navy complement each other well. Navy grounds the outfit, while burgundy lends itself to smarter looks. Both equal in strength and tone they pack a stylish punch for those wanting to experiment with colour without tripping over the rainbow

Our Founder’s Tip – Let the navy do most of the work – say in jacket and trousers and let the burgundy do the talking in a t-shirt or roll neck.


3 Navy & White

Classic, elegant, nautical, fresh, smart, modern. I can’t tell you how much I love to see men looking great in this combination. I spend a lot of time on the French Riviera and I don’t think any man looks as chic when he is in this gorgeous combination. Easy to wear in both smart and casual circumstances. Works well in block colours as well as stripes. Just remember to contrast your shades. Going white on top? Try navy on the bottom. Similarly, if you want to go lighter down below, opt for a navy t-shirt or linen shirt on top . It’s that simple.

Club 826 Peacoat Blue for our Antigua Shirt and Montserrat T-Shirt

4 Pink & Grey

Real men wear pink! Pink has been on the menswear radar for several seasons now, and whilst some think it’s tricky, it’s actually very easy to wear and can be a stylish way to add interest without overloading on colour. Combined with neutral tones such as grey is where pink often does its best work.

Grey and pink work well because they’re both soft tones. Grey is a staple masculine colour, whilst pink adds lightness. A year or so ago, pink was reserved for preppy looks, but thankfully  it’s become something of an enduring trend and it works well on lots of masculine skin tones.

Just as the two tones contrast, so too should your look. Grey tailored trousers and a pink linen  shirt is a winning combination, but if you’re feeling daring, opt for a dusty pink jean with a simple grey T-shirt.

The Club 826 Antigua Linen Shirt in Bahama Pink Sand

5 Black & White

Michael Jackson was right – it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white, and if you can wear both, even better. All-over monochrome may sound like a cop-out, but it’s a time-tested classic palette that will never lose its credibility.

Neither will it go out of style. This classic combination can often give the appearance of quality as a result.

This is the combination which lends itself beautifully to both smart and casual. The impact is most visible when it comes to black tie and dinner suits and equally as elegant as worn as white linen shorts and fantastic quality black cotton pima t-shirt. The two colours can achieve any preferred style – be it classic, modern or minimalist.

Our Saint Martin Polo in Charcoal Sand and Martinque T-shirt in Lovina Black Sand