Who’s idea was this?

There’s a Negroni loving woman at the helm. Club 826 founder, Leigh Millar, is the real-life female eye for the modern guy: helping busy men live stylishly. With a career spanning 25 years over three continents in high-end interior design, and 10 years in fashion styling, Leigh knows a thing or two about making things look good.


Club 826 was born from an understanding of how men like to shop for clothes – which is, they don’t. Most just want the process to be as fast and easy as possible, without compromising on style. In fact, the average time men spend browsing for clothes online is just 8.26 minutes…

Armed with that knowledge, Leigh started Club 826 for the modern Renaissance man: the man who nurtures his career, his family, and his wanderlust in equal measure. Ultimately, Club 826 is for the man who knows what he wants from his look, but doesn’t have the time to spend on achieving it.

The three Club 826 Voyage Capsules


Most of you probably haven’t considered shopping for clothes in the Club 826 way, or even thought about how this capsule concept even came to be.

The world is changing. How people live, work, travel, play and shop is evolving. It’s easier and faster with people now living life on their own terms and the situations in which we all find ourselves throughout the course of a day, week or month can be many and varied.

The Club 826 clothing collection has been created for the modern-day Renaissance man. He’s the man who lives in a world where now, more than ever, he’s expected to hold down a hugely rewarding and successful job, have a profitable side hustle, raise a well-adjusted family, have a full and fascinating social life, an investment portfolio, go on fabulous holidays, save the world, have the health of an elite athlete, be a fully present partner, lover, friend and boss and still be home in time to put the kids to bed without so much as a hair out of place. He’s your everyday hero who, despite what his day throws at him, always has to be sartorially ‘on the money’.

Like our man, we wanted to create a collection of clothing that had the traits and qualities that he possesses. He’s elegant, cosmopolitan, adaptable, considered and versatile. We are a community of sun-loving ‘sartorialists’ coming together to live an effortlessly stylish way of life.

Our collections enable our customers to feel cool, proud, sexy and smart about owning a Club 826 wardrobe and being part of a club of loyal, stylish, brand ambassadors who are ‘in on the secret’.  Our customers will feel as proud as we do to be a part of an elite club that consistently delivers excellent craftsmanship.

A collection for our modern day renaissance man


We take for granted how often men find it difficult or time consuming to choose how to dress in the morning. We think our way of purchasing clothes provides a solution. Our Club 826 members have active lives, constantly on the move and doing different things each day. We designed and created pieces to work hard in our clients’ wardrobes offering great versatility and superior quality. We design our garments as individual items, but merchandise them as looks, so you’re not just buying pieces, you’re buying ensembles.

The full Club 826 Collection features only 14 luxury items and Club 826 feels that each one, and the varied combinations, offers a simple, unimpeachable wardrobe that would work for our modern-day Renaissance man. A real solution for busy, modern men which will allow them to get on with their lives without the daily challenge of what to wear and how to put things together.

Tailored essentials and luxurious basics are sold in our Ultimate Voyage Capsule, with two add-on packs available, consisting of the Effortless Voyage Capsule and the Laid-Back Voyage Capsule. This provides further easy wardrobe options and gives greater flexibility.

We’re an elegant fashion life-hack that’s about luxury and simplicity.


The style influence of the Club 826 Collection comes from the effortless and impeccable summer style of men of 50’s and 60’s Havana, the charisma of gentlemen in the Hampton’s and the sartorial allure of men in Italy and the South of France – think JFK and Marilyn hanging out in Palm Springs, Jude Law in the Talented Mr.Ripley and Pablo Picasso simply being Pablo. The question Is this. If these style icons were all around today, what would they be wearing?

We are inspired by loose tailoring, light breathable linens and the tranquillity of a seaside colour palette; timeless summer attire and swimwear that is perfect for the beach and beyond, highlighting our love of summer fun. With modern, chic, easy layering options, you will look breezy and suave from head to toe; a true master in the art of St Tropez living.

The collection pieces are named after our travel destinations; places where we’ve loved, laughed and had adventures, or destinations where future adventures have still to be discovered, whether it’s the elegant, coastal charm of St Tropez, or the romance of the city of Casablanca.

Club 826 pieces will never go out of style. Club 826 doesn’t follow fashion or colour trends. We don’t design fashion – we design deluxe lifestyles.

We’ve created a capsule collection that takes much of the thought process out of the daily headache for men of what to wear each morning –  a collection that can take them from morning macchiato to evening aperitivo. It’s one that is specifically curated for them and for their lifestyles, which gives our customers great flexibility to create a complete and comprehensive summer wardrobe designed for any occasion.


To ensure superior quality, all Club 826 garments are manufactured in Portugal, the home of the best craftsmanship and production in Europe giving easy access to the finest European fabrics and accessories. All of our collections are strictly limited edition collections. Once they are gone, they are gone!  We do offer each new collection on a purchase pre-sell basis to an initial selected few before being offered to the public. Previous Club 826 customers and founder members will automatically be given that opportunity, so that they don’t miss out.

Limited edition, Portuguese perfection

Like all great ideas, Club 826 capsule collections offer a simple solution to a time consuming, and sometimes, annoying problem. 

Club 826 directly addresses the recurring challenges of men shopping for clothes. They don’t know where to shop or have the time to do it. They don’t know what to buy specifically, how to put it all together, or how to dress for particular occasions. Club 826 allows our modern-day Renaissance man to make confident clothing choices with our elegantly packaged, thoughtfully curated, beautifully detailed ‘wardrobes’ of clothes.

Creating wardrobes for your wanderlust

The entire Club 826 Collection