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8.26 Minutes

The average time men spend shopping online for clothes.

Make those minutes count.

Meet Our Founder

About Leigh Millar

It all starts with a woman. This woman, to be precise. Our founder, Leigh Millar, is the real-life female eye for the modern guy: helping modern men to stylishly live and love life.

With a career spanning 25 years over three continents in high end residential interior and boutique hotel design, and 10 years in fashion styling, Leigh knows a thing or two about making things look stylish.

Leigh’s styling career began by chance. She had a fateful encounter with a man needing her to lend her creative eye to his wardrobe (and, as it turns out, his life!) as he faced a huge professional change and needed to look, and feel, the part. Leigh stepped in to guide him through his wardrobe choices, got him in shape, helped him command respect in the boardroom and even suggested a few ways to secure him a girlfriend.

Word spread and soon Leigh was adding her magic touch to men, women, hotels, interiors, businesses and more all over the world, elevating them to be best they could be. Through working with countless clients, she noticed that they all had similar pain points. Everyone wanted ease, quality, effortless style and a bit of je ne sais quoi in their lives and Leigh realised she was the woman who could bring this to her customers’ lives.

Combining problem solving, her insider knowledge on the modern male psyche and her design and styling background led her to create Club 826.

Time is money

Your clothes should be cool and comfortable - well-fitted to your body and to your life. So, we’re shaking up the way men shop online: everything from design and production to the way we sell. We create simple, stylish looks which combine the services of a personal stylist and a quality retailer in just a few clicks. One shop and you’re sorted for the next six months.

As our favourite modern gents like to pay it forward, we - mindful of the staggering wastage issues facing the fashion industry - only make what we need. We pre-sell our collections at the start of the season, book production slots based on real-time numbers and dispatch your order a few weeks later…just in time for that breezy trip to the tropics. So, put your feet up and order another Negroni because you can feel safe in the knowledge that your sartorial choices are just as economically and environmentally sound as the rest of them – wherever you are and whatever your plans. 

We understand you’re busy - you have important things to do and many places to be. So, let us make it easier. All that’s left for you to do now is choose your Club 826 collections and pack your suitcase!

This is the life. This is Club 826.

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