Outfit ideas for when you need to dress to impress.

The trick with date night outfits is to turn heads for all the right reasons and without looking like you’ve overthought it. You want to be comfortable, confident and a just a little bit adorable. You want to make it look like you’ve made an effort without looking like you’ve spent hours getting ready and over doing it.

The rules change slightly for all the different date options out there, so here are some go-to date night outfit ideas that work like a sartorial wing-man.

Turn heads for all the right reasons

Making An Impression

First Date

Pick out something you feel confident and comfortable in. Now is not the time to be experimenting with new shapes, style or colours. You may have first date nerves, so worrying about how something looks or realising it doesn’t fit properly as you’re about to leave the house is unnecessary stress we’re sure you don’t need. Perhaps choose something that you’ve received compliments before in and confident you look good in. This will allow you a clear headspace to concentrate on your date and not spilling the drinks!

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Don’t spill your drink!

Second Date

For this date night outfit, it like the second song on a mix-tape, what you wear on a second date has to keep everyone interested after the banger you kicked off with.

So this is no time to get lazy. Leave your battered sneakers at home. If you’re meeting after work, lose the shirt and slip a t-shirt under your suit jacket for a casual take on tailoring. Your backpack can stay under your desk and switch your Oxfords for something lighter, like a loafer.

What Kind Of Date Are You Going On?

Dinner Date

Once upon a time, a dinner date was something to dress up for. To restore a sense of occasion to the world before Tinder took over, go all out on organising the reservation and all out on the outfit to match for this particular date night outfit. Tailored separates and dressed-down suits are top of the specials board here, and work just as well for an after-work cocktail as a three-course meal.

Plan ahead when getting dressed in the morning and opt for a suit that’ll transition seamlessly from office to restaurant bar come clocking-off time.

Swap your hard working work shirt for a freshly laundered substitute if your heading out straight from the office, or ditch the shirt for a smart linen knit t-shirt or linen knit polo shirt instead.

Nothing too smart required on sunny summer days

Drinks Dates

Please guys, stand out from the crowd and show your date you thought about it – avoid jeans! Everyone wears them and just shows a little lack of imagination – especially in the early days of dating. A tailored trouser or smart summer chino will say you made an effort when you really haven’t and give you the basis of a non-boring outfit.

What you pair then with might depend on whether you’re meeting after work and what the dress code is. If you work in a suit, keep it on but swap the work shirt for one with a bold, dark pattern instead or a linen knit t-shirt or polo shirt.

If possible, we’d recommend a statement jacket instead. A good biker, bomber or linen blazer blows out the old myth that your shoes are the first thing people notice about you and plays nicely against the smarter trousers below.

It’s your round.

It’s your round

Cinema Date

Yes, you’ll be sat in the dark for two hours, but don’t get dressed in the dark beforehand. Think practically for this date night outfit – skinny jeans might not be the most comfortable of outfits won’t whilst you’re cramped in an overheating theatre with a box of popcorn on your crotch. This is also not the time for layers – there’s no elegant way to remove three layers of clothing in a narrow row of seats!

Beyond that, play it smart-casual. Think dark selvedge jeans, neutral chinos or tailored trousers teamed with a button-down shirt worn under a jumper or cable-knit cardigan. Finish with a blazer or bomber depending on when you’re going for the post-film analysis. You’ll arrive like a laid-back leading man rather than someone who’s taking The Lego Movie 2 way too seriously.

Don’t forget your feet. Unless you’re planning to Uber your date from A to B, there will be some walking involved, so steer comfy with your footwear choice and opt for a pair of unfussy modern trainers, (not your gym trainers please!) or a classic tasseled loafers.

Home Dates

A time will come in all healthy relationships when you can encase yourselves in the softest jersey fabric you own and watch Netflix for four hours and hardly speak to each other. That won’t do for the early home dates, however. You have to keep up the pretense for at least six months.(yes, we said six months!)

Just because you’re at home don’t let standards slip. No reverting back to holey socks and baggy, washed out tracksuit bottoms. Loose, casual tie-waisted linen trousers and relaxed fit t-shirts are fine with a lightweight fine knit or designer sweatshirt if you’re feeling the chill  You’re at home here, so you should feel at ease – even if it’s their home, not yours. Go for fine knit casual fine knits  merino cardigans or cashmere, worn over loosely tailored trousers and your best, best, best socks.

(Oh, and this isn’t official but we’re pretty sure cashmere is an aphrodisiac!)

You may be in a simple t-shirt but make sure its the best t-shirt in the world. We think you’ll find them in the Club 826 Voyage Capsule.

Stylish home lounging…

Day Dates

A museum, exhibition, walk in the park or an outdoor lunch in the sun may be the order of the day.

Layering is advised, especially if you plan to be in and out of museums, restaurants or coffee shops. Try a classic linen shirt under a linen blazer, while a t-shirt or fine knit under a mac is a casual way to look tailored in the spring. A linen scarf in a coloured stripe can be a useful addition to your look.

Your choice of footwear is dependent on how outdoorsy you’re feeling. If there is park walking to be done then opt for a modern lightweight sneaker or soft soled casual shoe.

A scarf can come in useful