Great men’s T-Shirts are absolutely essential to a man’s wardrobe. Everybody owns them, everybody wears them and there is literally an endless variety of shapes, colours, fabrics and styles from which to choose. The T-Shirt is quintessential to casual style, so there’s a good chance you already wear them on a regular basis and an even better chance that you own plenty of them!

Great Men's T-Shirts
The Club 826 100% Pima Cotton – great men’s T-Shirts.

The term ‘wardrobe staple’ is thrown around more times than a hot potato at a BBQ, but in this instance, the humble T-Shirt is one item to which it can truly be applied. The basic T-Shirt started off as underwear, developed into work wear and is now a definitive style essential for everyday life; you would be hard pressed to find a man who has never owned this simple basic. Its magic lies in its versatility. It’s the only piece of clothing that can be worn for almost every occasion; from under a shirt, casually with a suit, in the gym, on the beach and also when you’re off to bed.

The Club 826 Martinique T-Shirt in Oyster White Pima Cotton


Our founder, Leigh. a fashion stylist, has spent years sourcing great men’s T-Shirts.The T-Shirt has remained a constant favourite of hers throughout the years for the men she styles and they never just want one! Once you’ve found ‘the one’, then nothing makes you happier than buying it in all colours, year after year. Leigh says if she had a dollar for every time a customer said: “Yup, this t-shirt is great. I’ll take it in all the colours,” she’d be retired by now with a Negroni in her hand! 

If you want to add a few new tees to your wardrobe, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve designed and curated five of the best t-shirts in our Club 826 capsules based on the countless brands we’ve personally tested or bought over the years. Not too long, not too short and with a relaxed feel the Club 826 tees will satisfy all your T-Shirt needs!


Our founder, Leigh Millar, has been helping men discover their style for over 10 years

During the design process, we put our T-Shirts through numerous wash tests and wash cycles, several tests for fading and pilling, and counted over 10 measurements to prevent shrinking and to ensure they can withstand constant washing and wearing.

Whether you’re lounging around, getting busy in the gym, or dressing it up with a linen blazer for evening aperitifs, you’ll find the Club 826 tees have been created to cover all events. From crew neck to v-neck, Pima cotton to knitted linen.  If you’re unsure of the size which will fit you best, check the Club 826 size chart for more details.


The Club 826  Voyage Capsule consists of everything you’ll need to see you through any summer sojourn. There are three classic round neck t-shirts and one elegant V-neck in Pima cotton and one round neck in knitted linen. Aside from the quality, the variety of easy to wear colours makes these tees a great option for any man’s wardrobe.

The Club 826 T-Shirt Collection

We have featured your favourite colours – a winning and versatile combination of black, white, caramel, navy and some timeless Breton stripes. There is something for everyone and we’ve chosen colours that will complement outfits rather than shades that are tricky to pull off.  We’ve also incorporated simple, yet elegant labeling and a linen neck tape to give every t-shirt a more luxurious finish.At Club 826, we’re not dictated by fashions trends, so these classic colours will stand the test of time in your wardrobe for years to come.


Our great men’s t-shirts come in a range of easy-on-the-eye colours.


At Club 826, we have selected only superior fabrics for you.


If you haven’t heard of Pima cotton, you should make it part of your fashion vocabulary now. Made up of longer fibres than cotton, it is an ultra-soft fabric, which not only feels amazing, but keeps its shape and colour far better than regular cotton. We selected the finest quality Pima Cotton for four out of five of our tees in the Capsule because it is a superior cotton with natural breath-ability, which ensures longevity, softness and colour fastness. We use authentic Pima cotton sourced in Peru and woven and spun in Europe to ensure this the finest cotton which then quite simply, makes the very best t-shirts for you.


You may not have heard of knitted linen before, but once you’ve worn a linen knitted T-Shirt there is no going back. Its inspiration came from an unlikely source. Sitting opposite a first date in the South of France, our founders date had a beautiful mid blue T-Shirt on, which matched his eyes beautifully. However, It was not long before the sweat patches stared to appear! It got them giggling and it got Leigh thinking…

Our knitted linen t-shirts are manufactured in the same way as traditional cotton jersey t-shirts, the only difference being we knit in linen yarn and not cotton. They are a little more elegant than your standard tee, are lighter than air to wear and keep you super cool, no matter how hot the date might get! As a customer once said: “Linen knit to T-Shirts is what cashmere is to wool.” Try one out and thank us later. Woven in Italy, the fabric is perfectly soft on the skin and so light that it almost feels as if you’re wearing nothing at all. It’s perfect for humid climates and looks effortless, yet elegant, when worn under a blazer. 

The Club 826 lighter than air linen knit Mustique T-Shirt


Martinique Round Neck T-Shirt

A deluxe and versatile essential to any modern-day man’s wardrobe, the Club 826 Martinique T-Shirt is everything you need a wardrobe staple to be; comfortable, durable and massively versatile. It has a slightly relaxed fit that makes it especially comfortable to wear. 

It is so versatile that we’ve provided three colours – Lovina Beach Black, Oyster White and channel your inner Riviera with our classic Black and White Breton stripe.

The Club 826 Martinique round neck T-Shirt

Montserrat V-Neck T-Shirt

If you prefer a V-neck, the Montserrat V-Neck has all the same great features as the Martinique. Montserrat is also made in Pima cotton and essentially has the classic, relaxed shape as the Martinique, but offers a subtle twist with the V-neck option. It works brilliantly on its own or under our Havana Blazer. This elegant T-Shirt will give you a refined silhouette, even on relaxed escapes, and in easy to wear French Navy, you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons

The Club 826 Montserrat V-Neck – from breakfast on the boulevard to cocktails at sunset

Mustique Linen Round Neck T-Shirt – Caramel Sand

Finally, this is our favourite t-shirt and we’re happy to bet it’ll be your future favourite t-shirt too. Our round neck Mustique t-shirt has the same great shape as our Martinique, but knitted using linen so it’s a little more elegant and also feels lighter than air. This is super comfortable the first time you put it on, but it is even softer and more comfortable the more you wear it. Your new favourite t-shirt is a deluxe and versatile essential. 

At Club 826, we love quality fabrics and our Mustique knitted linen t-shirt comes in delicious caramel sand and also in Oyster White which complements the Capsule perfectly. It’s a summer essential that offers both casual and sophisticated options and it is lightweight, soft and flattering.

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Great T-Shirts
The Mustique Linen knit T-Shirt in delicious Caramel Sand

The  Club 826 Voyage Capsule  – 14 luxury items, 110 ways to wear, limitless destinations. Shop the Ultimate Voyage Capsule for all your summer outfits.


The Club 826  Voyage Capsule