We believe in simplicity and making the most out of fewer, high quality materials. Our collection is crafted out of two raw materials: cotton and linen. 

We exclusively use Pima cotton for our T-shirts, which is made from longer fibres, is softer and holds its shape better than regular cotton. Sourced in Peru and woven in Europe, our Pima cotton creates soft t-shirts that feel like a massage on your skin.

Linen is central to our collections. Made of fine weave, woven in Italy, it has a light yet durable touch that looks equally as good crisp and ironed as it does rough up and sexily wrinkled. We use linen not only in our shirts and shorts, but also in our linen-knit t-shirts, which are breathable and feel lighter than air and also our chinos, which simply get better with each wear.

“Linen is for the tailor what the marble is for the sculptor: a noble material” Christian Dior

These materials were selected to add a lightness to your armoury of life.

From conception through to final production, every inch of our garments is created with you in mind. We provide capsule collections with all the essential pieces for the season, and our clothes are made to provide you with effortless style, no matter the occasion. Every fastening, button, and zip has been handpicked in order to produce a perfectly finished garment that will look flawless in every situation.


We enjoy regular trips to Portugal armed with our designs, enthusiasm and ideas to develop these with our craftsmen. They create an initial prototype and oversee a sampling process for each new design – a process that can take anything from three months to a year. We are very particular about the finer detail and quality of finish and we only sign off a final sample for production when we are certain our design has been interpreted faultlessly in their hands. 

With regular trips and plenty of team practice we have created a passion, not just for creating elegant clothes, but also for Port, pastel de nata and peixe grelhado!

We work with many wonderful European suppliers. The majority of our fabrics are beautiful and expertly crafted by our friends in Italy, Tessuti di Sondrio, who were established back in the 1800’s so very well practised in creating wonderful fabrics. 

Tessuti di Sondrio and Club 826 have something in common – we know that details make you distinctive, what make a product impeccable. Details in finishes, colours, textures and fit. They have a deep focus on choosing only the very best raw material to ensure they create the most prestigious yarns. We know our garments are only as beautiful as the fabrics we create them from. 

Their real uniqueness though is the area they are based thanks to the presence of the pure and well-known alpine water. Each stage of their production process utilises this water by mixing the surface water available naturally without purification processes such as softening, decarbonation, demineralisation with the ground one.

Their ongoing research ensures they are finding ways to constantly reduce the use of natural resources to preserve the land that makes Tessuti di Sondrio fabrics unique in the world and this is why we choose to work closely with them.