Let Club 826 guide you in the art of warm weather, smart casual dressing.

Whatever the occasion, we have every outfit you could possibly need for all stylish summer soirees. The inspiration for the Club 826 Collections came from a deep love of travel, a busy and varied social life and the desire to always remain sartorially ‘on the money’ no matter where we found ourselves and in whatever situation or adventure ( and there have been many!)

From breakfast on the boulevard to aperitifs on a super yacht, the Club 826 Collections will get you through it all with the greatest of ease.

We love summer, but as any man knows, looking good while melting in a puddle of sweat is a task that borders on the impossible.

We don’t want you to be un-stylish or uncomfortable, so we have struck sartorial gold with our easy-to-wear, versatile collections, all in smart, top quality, breathable, natural fabrics in  a colour palette which will see you looking stylish from sunrise to sunset.

Our collection includes versatile and sharp wardrobe staples. Favourites like lightweight chinos and a linen knit polo shirt, linen shirts in a variety of summer hues, as well as an array of the highest quality t-shirts will allow you to traverse the entire spectrum of smart and smart casual events right through the summer, day and night.

Our latest style release, Voyage contains 14 luxury items, 110 ways-to-wear and limitless destinations.

The Club 826 Style Release – Voyage


It doesn’t matter what you’re up to really, even if it’s just watching the sun go down on beautiful balmy evenings, you’ll still want to look put together. Try the classic and favourite team of chinos and a top quality t-shirt. Throw over a lightweight linen blazer to smarten up and fend off any breeze and you’re good to go – rather more considered than resorting to combat shorts and flip-flops!

The versatile Club 826 Casablanca Chino


Jetting off to sunnier climes affords you the opportunity to liven up your normal weekend looks. Perhaps pastel hues or pink and baby blue wouldn’t be your usual choice for a weekend chill session, but when in Rome…

With those sun kissed limbs, it’s time to experiment with some more summery shirt colours.

By opting for tailored linen shorts paired with a colourful, breathable, linen-shirt and finished with white sneakers, a woven belt  and your Ray Bans, you can effortlessly tackle high temperatures in high style. The Club 826 Effortless Voyage contains 3 iconic linen shirts in the summer hues of Oyster White, Bahama Pink Sand and Sky Blue. look forward to turning heads for all the right reasons.

The Club 826 Antigua Linen Shirt


Summer weddings are the perfect place to showcase a bit of sartorial flair (just don’t upstage the groom!).

A linen blazer and chinos, or a complete linen suit are astute choices. Linen regulates body temperature and allows your skin to breathe so that it will not stick to you in places you wish it didn’t. Combining it with a whiter than white linen shirt and smart tasseled loafers will ensure no guest will be able to resist your allure. It will be an ‘I do’ to a sweat-free spin on the dance floor.

Show your sartorial flair by adding a colourful pocket square, coloured deck shoes or tasselled loafers, a Panama hat, or even go all out with a baby blue linen suit. This will set off your tan to perfection and turn heads for all the right reasons.

The Club 826 Havana Blazer – perfect for a summer wedding


Your style dilemma here is this: you don’t want rock up looking so smart that it’s clear you’ve just come from the office; neither do you want to look too casual so that it appears you’re seconds away from  going for a dip in the nearest pool.  The most flexible choice here is some carefully chosen separates.

By this we mean avoiding suits and choosing separate tops and bottoms.  For example, choose chinos and a polo shirt, or tailored shorts and linen shirts if it’s a more casual gathering.  Always take your lightweight linen blazer along to smarten things up, even if it’s just for arrival and departure. Separate tops and bottoms will avoid you looking as if you’re in a work suit. If you are rocking the summer shorts, then make sure they are linen, well pressed and teamed with a linen shirt to add a smarter vibe.

Smart white trainers or loafers are the order of the day here as gym trainers and flip flops will have you being gossiped about at the photocopy machine for all the wrong reasons.


There are few other events in the summer calendar that require you to get suited and booted like a day at the races than summer weddings,  Dress codes vary, but have relaxed over the years, so top hat and tails are not always required.

This is your chance to show your flair with a smart coloured linen suit, colourful shirts, pocket squares or floral adornments. Modern monk strap shoes will result in a winning photo finish.