Let’s face it – it’s time for a getaway!

If lockdown has left you feeling like a caged animal and there is an unwelcome layer of dust settling on your favourite suitcase, then here is the ultimate guide to help you prepare for your last minute getaway – quickly and safely! With shopping habits changing and travel plans being up in the air, we need to find ways of preparing for the great escape in the safest and easiest way possible. Below are some tips to avoid being out and about and up close and personal with anyone, unless you really have no option but to do otherwise.

Oh Saint Tropez – we miss you!


Use a packing list. Given the current situation, the last thing you want to do is to hit the shops for a quick holiday getaway shopping trip without a plan, strategy and clear idea of what needs to be purchased. Gone are the days of idly browsing, then heading for the changing room with arms laden with linen garments in pastel hues. A little time spent compiling a list will pay dividends.

Find yourself a shady spot in the garden, preferably in a comfortable, reclining sun lounger, ably assisted by a good friend (Negroni with lots of ice is my friend of choice for such tasks.) This will help get you into that much needed holiday headspace for the task ahead. Next, compile a list of your holiday activities and then list the clothes, shoes, equipment and gadgets that you will need to take.  Decide which items still need to be purchased and your plan will have you in and out of the shops, or on and offline, quicker than you can say Pina Colada.


The Club 826 suit-case ready packing cube


Wouldn’t it be utter bliss if you had access to a fashion stylist to take care your summer clothes shopping? Imagine that you had nothing to do apart from select your size and the rest would be done for you…

Well, be careful what you wish for!

Pop on to the Club 826 website for all your summer sartorial needs. With our Capsule collections, you can choose your favourite looks, all of which have had the beady, style eye of our founders fashion stylist eye cast upon them. Potentially, you could select 14 luxury items, have 110 ways to wear to limitless destinations! All purchased from the comfort of your sun lounger, in under 8.26 minutes. Now that is a good investment of time. This will allow you to spend less time buying clothes and more time living life in them…or simply lounging in them, of course. Shop the Club 826 collection.


Luxury T-Shirts in the Voyage Capsule


We don’t particularly like packing either, so just when you thought life couldn’t get any better…

Club 826 have taken care of that too. Each one of the Club 826 collections is suitcase ready and packed in a waterproof, soft and squishy packing cube. Seriously, all you need to do is take it from the postie and pop into your suitcase. If you ask us nicely, we can even deliver straight to your villa. You can thank us later. 

The Club 826 suit-case ready packing cube


As we cautiously crawl from our quarantine caves, emerging bleary-eyed and possibly sleep deprived, is your emergence going to be akin to Gandalf? If you’ve completely let yourself go in isolation, here is the fastest trick to get you back on track. 

Make a date – with your barber. The world will instantly be a better place with a fuzz-free neck, and your mullet and wayward whiskers a distant memory. 


Whether it’s meet and greet or valet parking – where you are met at the terminal and your car is parked for you – pre-book to avoid queues.

Also, think about how you will get to your holiday accommodation and book your arrival transfer in advance. If you book a taxi, you’ll have someone to meet you without running the gauntlet of the taxi queue. 

A little forward planning will have you whizzing though the airport and snoozing poolside as quickly and safely as possible.


Check with your chosen airline when you can check in online. Some airlines permit you to check in as soon as you have booked your flight, while others, like British Airways, are still just 24 hours in advance. Either way, it’s a good tip that will help you to avoid the dreaded queues at the airport – a quick trip to baggage drop and you will be on your way.

Also, check with the airport. You may want to throw some money at the problem as more and more airports are offering a VIP check in where you can fast track for a fee and bypass check in entirely. You can then quickly skip through your own quiet security lane and be tucked up in the safety of the lounge before you know it. All that’s left to do now is relax and get into that much needed holiday headspace.

Holidays are here!