Who knew it was even a thing, right? Have you noticed that you have shirts, t-shirts and jumpers that, somehow, always help you to look better, or a little more alive than others? You know the trusted shirt that can make the most pallid of skin look a little more human when you’re feeling the worse for wear?

It really is as simple as selecting clothes that suit your skin colour. And how do we do this, I hear you cry? 

Style is, and always has been for me, about self-expression. Whilst these are not hard and fast rules, I believe that if there is a colour of which you are particularly fond, be confident and wear it with pride.

Decisions, decisions

But, like a lot of things, colour can be a cruel mistress. It’s up there with finding the right sunglasses shape, hairstyle, or beard style for your face. Selecting colours and tones that work with your complexion is often easier said than done.

Put simply, it’s a matter of trying something on and sizing it up in a changing room mirror before you buy. So, if you want to shave some time off your shopping rounds, or buy more confidently online, then it’s worth acquainting yourself with a few fundamental rules about which tones are most complementary for you. And just think, when you’ve done it once and mastered it, then shopping for clothes will be a whole lot quicker when you are confident about ignoring entire colour categories. It’s worth spending a little time to ensure future shopping trips are successful.  Bliss…


This is pretty easy to work out. Are you the dude on holiday who’s constantly looking for somewhere to shade from the summer sun and can be found under the sun umbrella with a good book, as opposed to bronzing like a God on the sun lounger? If you’ve more freckles than a speckled egg with red, blonde or light brown hair, the chances are you’re the proud owner of a ‘cool tone’, milky, fair, pale skin.

Colours To Wear

If you’ve got pale skin and light features, putting paler colours next to your skin will have the potential to wash you out. Choosing darker colours that clearly contrast with your skin tone will — quite literally — bring some colour to your complexion.

Darker colours like grey, chocolates, khaki, dark reds, burgundy, darker greens, navy and bolder shades of blue will all work well as these shades contrast with your skin tone. Avoid the paler version of these colours like white, pale pink, mint green and lemon. Pale blue tends to work with most skin tones, so you should be safe with that if a paler tone is what you wanted to wear. Blue tends to suit most skins types, so if you are desperate to find a red that works for you, opt for one with a blue base – raspberry, burgundy or crimson reds as opposed to dark orange based reds and corals if a red is the order of the day.


If you tend to be paler skinned, but tan easily and quickly, rather than turn pink like a prawn in the sun, then you’ve got ‘warm toned’, olive skin that suits a much wider spectrum of colours than those with fair skin or ‘cool’ complexions.

Colours To Wear

Most colours will work with a medium skin tone, so you can be a little more adventurous than your fairer skinned counterparts. You can opt for shades that are either a little brighter or darker than the middle ground norm. Take navy, for example – you can opt for slightly brighter shades and some slighter paler, but avoid the real electric, bright, bold blue as this might be a little on the strong side and be more suited to your darker skinned friends. 

Colours To Avoid

Since your skin will probably have some yellow or green undertones, it’s wise to avoid wearing shades of these colours, like mustard or pistachio as they are too close to your skin tone and will have a tendency to make you appear sallow. What you’re trying to avoid here is ending up looking naked – that is having your skin blend in with your clothing. It’s never a good look on anybody!  

As you tend to tan, wait until your skin has a sun-kissed hue before wearing pastels and whites. This will avoid a washed out look.


Much like those with medium skin, when it comes to finding colours that suit you, guys with darker skin have it easy. Pretty much anything works for you from the palest of pales to stronger, dark tones. Lucky you!

Colours To Wear

Yippee, the world is your oyster. There is not much you need to avoid and you don’t run the risk of looked washed out, like your fairer skinned friends. We don’t want you to get carried away though. Just because you can wear brighter colours, it doesn’t mean to say you have to – certainly not all at once anyway! Stick to a couple of complementary, favourite colours as your ‘go to’s’ and stick with it. For example, pink in all shades works brilliantly with blacks, whites, greys and all blues. All pastel colours will work for you too, so experiment with mint greens, sherbet lemon and baby blues in the summer months. 

Colours To Avoid

The only colour palette I would try to avoid is anything too close to your natural skin colour. Avoid browns if you can, unless they a strong contrast to your skin colour. Dark, bitter chocolates are passable if you are lightly tanned, for example. A colour too close to your skin has the same effect of green hues on a medium skinned friend – it might make you appear a little washed out and again, you run the risk of appearing ’naked’ from a distance.

Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and have fun!

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