Is there anyone else out there wishing they had bought more shares in Zoom? With millions of us now working, connecting and dating from home as a result of the corona virus pandemic, video conferencing is the new kid on the block and is set to be with us for some time to come. Messy backgrounds, bad outfit choices and poor lighting don’t always make for the best appearance. Let’s give you some hints and tips to get you looking hot on Zoom. 

There’s absolutely no reason for you to look less than your sartorial self when you’re taking a call. We wouldn’t turn up this way to physical meetings, so no need to let standards slips – at least from the waist up any way!

When you project the best version of yourself, you look good and feel confident enough to promote your point of view in a more professional and assertive way. Put the same effort into a Zoom call meeting as you would if you were meeting colleagues, clients, customers and suppliers face to face.

It’s perfectly acceptable for suits and ties to be abandoned under the circumstances, but that doesn’t mean you should veer off on a road trip down the grubby t-shirt and pyjama top highway.


While sitting at your desk, your eye level is normally above the top of your laptop. Pop your device on a stack of chunky books or magazines so that the camera is slightly above your head, whether it be a laptop, iphone or ipad. Once the device is positioned above you, you should point the camera slightly downwards towards your eyes; a much more complimentary angle. 


Essentially, you want your lighting source to be in front of you and not behind you, or to the side. By doing this, you’ll avoid dark, unflattering shadows. Preferably, the light source should be level with your device and slightly above eye level.

You can buy ring lights online that clip on to your device or come with a tripod (these are sometimes called make-up lights) or simply take a floor light or table lamp and sit it behind your device. The easiest option is simply to face the window and let mother nature’s light enhance your look.

For an extra boost, you can place a white piece of paper on the desk in front of you so that a little white light is reflected upwards to make you look even more handsome.


Hallelujah for this check box. On the video settings in Zoom, there is a cheeky little check box on the ‘My Video’ section called ‘Touch up my appearance’.  Check that box and thank me later!


Colour is important on Zoom as your face really is the main focus. On video, black can reflect harsh lines and you will look drained, especially if you also have dark hair. Lighter greys, pinks and blues give off a better light. Don’t be afraid to ditch the tie, undo the top button and show a bit of neck. It’s perfectly acceptable when using Zoom to ditch the stiff collar and corporate ties. Try an open-neck shirt instead. A freshly pressed linen shirt is less formal than a starchy cotton work shirt and would be a more sensible option for somebody working from home, especially in the balmy summer months. If a t-shirt is acceptable for work, then make sure it’s clean, of supreme quality and not washed out. Also, make sure It is well pressed, while also selecting a good colour for your skin tone. For a really simple solution, invest in Club 826 t-shirt and linen shirts. We have an iconic collection linen shirts in our Effortless Voyage Capsule and premier quality t-shirts are found in the Laid-back Voyage Capsule.


Skin quality is important if you are having video calls. More and more of us are having sleepless nights, late nights, or simply interrupted sleep. This can leave us, upon waking, with dull skin and baggy eyes; not a look even George Clooney could pull off.

I keep a supply of sheet face masks in my fridge, which can be applied in the morning before you begin your day. Wonderfully cooling, I pop mine on when I’m doing my morning workout. I guess this says more about the effort I put into my workout than anything else!  Anyway, 45 minutes and my skin is more hydrated, fresher and brighter. They are super quick fixes for a healthy glow.

To combat baggy eyes, I love the under-eye patches. Again, I keep mine in the fridge and  pop these on for 10 minutes for a quick tighten and plump-up around the eyes before I jump onto Zoom ( just don’t forget to remove them before you get on the call though!!) Which leads me nicely to my next point…


Speaks for itself. Smooth the hair down and check teeth for any remains of lunch and snacks…


I’ve been secretly fascinated to glimpse into the private life of colleagues, customers and suppliers, and don’t try to prise me away from the TV if a celebrity is being interviewed from home until I get my interiors fix. I am amazed at how stylishly some people live and how downright messy others are! If it’s impossible to keep the interior, messy madness at bay (thanks kids) then the easiest solution is to pop up a Zoom virtual background. There are a few options, which can be found in Video Settings, and they are incredibly easy to download. Again, your choice of background will depend upon whom you are meeting. Keep your background plain for a meeting with a more serious agenda and it should co-ordinate with your outfit, of course. Leave the comedy backgrounds for family quiz nights. Personally, I have a gorgeous beach scene. Life at Club 826 is all about living a stylish life in the sun, so, if we can’t get down to the beach right now, then it’s the next best solution! Lights, camera, action!

Wishing we were here…