Club 826 is an elegant fashion life-hack that’s about luxury and simplicity. We create wardrobes for your wanderlust.

14 luxury items, 110 ways to wear. Limitless destinations

Our purpose is to design luxury, limited edition wardrobes that allow modern-day men to spend less time buying clothes and more time living their lives in them. A collection of 3 capsules comprising of –

The Ultimate Voyage Capsule – A suitcase-ready pack of 6 luxury pieces to take you from breakfast on the boulevard to cocktails at sunset.

The Effortless Voyage Capsule – From Marina to Michelin-star restaurant, our luxe-linen shirt pack is the epitome of relaxed summer style.

The Laid-back Voyage Capsule – Keep your cool from beach to the bar with our edited pack of linen and pima cotton t-shirts.

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The Club 826 Capsules

But what else is included in the Club 826 Collections?


A fashion stylist with 10 years’ experience of styling men is at the helm of Club 826, putting her unique insight into how men shop for clothes to good use.

She listened to her styling customers pain points and needs when it came to clothes shopping and realised men and women shop for clothes in very different ways. Leigh’s mission therefore became to shake up the way men shop for clothes online. To turning a sometimes frustrating, time-consuming chore into a simple and, dare we say it, enjoyable experience.

That knowledge led to the creation of the capsule collection concept – a way for men to spend less time shopping for quality clothes and more time to live their lives in them.

Living and working internationally for the last 25 years, for her high-end interior design and fashion styling businesses, entrepreneur Leigh has a unique understanding of living out of a suitcase while still looking good, and appreciates that downtime should be spent enjoying life not shopping for clothes.

Her vision was for a suitcase-ready collection of mix and match pieces, designed by Leigh and made from the world’s finest materials, bought in a simple, seasonal pack and delivered as a wardrobe of effortless outfits.

Men’s style distilled.


Our founder hard at work


Size matters! We know clothes sizing can be confusing so we have put together a simple to follow size guide to help you select which size will suit you best. We’ve selected the main dimensions which will help guide you and given these dimension in both centimetres and inches. We are also available on live chat so if you need a friendly voice to help we are on the end of the line to assist.



We created a main Collection, the Club 826 Ultimate Voyage Capsule; a suitcase-ready pack of thoughtfully curated 6-pieces of tailored summer essentials to see you through any summer weather occasion. we’ve also designed a couple of additional packs to give you even more versatility


How many times have we been in a changing room with a style client only to hear the words: “Yup, this t-shirt is great. Give it to me in all the colours available!”

To tie in with how men actually shop for clothes, we created two smaller add-on collections: The Effortless Voyage Capsule and the Laid-back Voyage Capsule both of which offer greater flexibility to ensure you have all of your summer sartorial sojourns sorted. 


The Effortless Voyage Capsule is a limited edition pack of three iconic, European linen shirts delivered in a summer palette: Oyster White, Sky Blue and Bahama Pink Sand.

From the Marina to the Michelin-star restaurant, our luxe-linen shirt pack is the epitome of relaxed summer style.

Designed to coordinate perfectly with our other packs as well as complement your existing pieces, these timeless shirts will be instant style favourites, wherever your journeys may take you.



A timeless collection of five premium t-shirts made of luxury, Pima cotton and a lighter-than-air linen knit ensure that the pieces are made to last through this season and beyond. These coordinate perfectly with al of our other packs, as well as your own wardrobe favourites.

Keep your cool from the beach to the bar with our edited pack of linen and pima cotton t-shirts.

This pack includes staple pieces for everyday wear: three classic round-neck t-shirts in Lovina Beach Black, Oyster White, classic Black and White stripes, one V-neck in French Navy and one round-neck, linen knit t-shirt in a delicious Caramel Sand.


This collection has been thoughtfully curated to create superb flexibility for adventurous men on the move and will add a touch of cool to any look.

14 luxury items, 110 ways-to-wear, limitless destinations


The average time men spend browsing online for clothes is 8.26 minutes. Club 826 was created to make those few minutes count.

A wardrobe of 14 investment pieces, edited by an experienced fashion stylist, giving you 110 ways-to-wear them.

Effortless, suitcase-ready Men’s style. Not a bad return for less than 9 minutes of your day

Spend less time shopping for clothes and more time living in them.


When we were putting this collection and concept together, it was important to make sure the entire shopping experience was as simple and stress free as possible, from beginning to end. This also included how we packaged the garments for you.

Research told us packing is not up there as one of your favourite tasks! Therefore, every Club 826 pack comes in its own suitcase-ready waterproof packing cube. This means you can simply accept your delivery and slot 110 potential outfits straight into your suitcase; no packing required! Also, there will be no awkward, bulky box to dispose of and add to your recycling.

Our suitcase ready pack – just slot into your suitcase and go!


We offer express delivery globally. This means next day for UK orders, 1-3 days for Europe and 2-5 days for the rest of the world.

We aim to deliver as quickly as we can and we also deliver where it’s convenient to you. We also know travel plans can change in a heartbeat, so we can quickly deliver wherever you may be. So far, we’ve delivered to charter yachts, private island villas and numerous hotels across the globe. A potential 110 outfits await your arrival. 

Up, up and away!


Life by the Blonde – The female eye for the modern guy.

If you love this simple and stylish way of living and want to take it further or into all other areas of your life, then we’ve collaborated with Life by the Blonde to help you do this. Nestled in your Collection packaging is a unique offer only for Club 826 members. 

Life by the Blonde offers bespoke styling services to clients covering fashion, interiors and lifestyle. 

Life by the Blonde works exclusively with a select number of male clients around the world, from international executives to independent creatives, budding entrepreneurs to retired professionals. What their clients have in common is a desire to bring more style, flexibility and freedom to their lives. Life by the Blonde helps guys create space for life and time to enjoy more of what matters most to them – even if it’s simply doing nothing at all…

If you need a more bespoke approach to developing your personal style in all areas of your life contact Life By The Blonde. Our secret source for all things stylish.